What are the most popular tours in Mount Elgon region?

Most of our guests choose to do the Sipi Falls hike. This hike takes you to the most gorgeous waterfalls. The second most popular activity is the coffee tour: learn how to make coffee, from seed to cup! An activity that is gaining popularity is abseiling which can be done for Sipi’s main waterfall. Last year we have been introducing mountain biking and since 2017 we do the Runners Experience: run in the footsteps of the long-distance running champions that live and train in Kapchorwa. An other activity we introduced in 2018 is the Cave Experience: cultural dance & storytelling in a natural cave close to our Guesthouse.

Other possible tours on the Sipi side include:

-          Hiking Mount Elgon

-          Bird watching

-          Sunset walk

-          Rock climbing

What most people don’t know is that much more natural beauty can be found ‘behind Sipi’. Kapchorwa Municipality and Kween and Bukwo District are home to numerous waterfalls, caves and gorgeous viewpoints.

At Home of Friends, we see it as our duty to let you experience this untouched beauty.