Deluxe rooms

The natural 'Rwandet' stone inspired us in the design of our 'deluxe rooms'. We offer four double rooms and one triple room. The rooms are all equipped with a desk, kitchenette and bathroom with toilet and warm (solar) shower. Convenient for a short relaxation weekend or for a long(er) stay!

NB: for long stayers we can provide a gas cooker, kettle and other kitchen utensils. 

Double room deluxe

double rooms

Besides the bathroom and kitchenette, the double rooms have a veranda with relax chairs and sunset view. The mattresses of the '5 by 6' beds are comfortable. 

$ 50 / 180.000 USh per night for bed & breakfast                     

($ 45 / 160.000 USh as a single room)

Triple room deluxe

triple room ('ROUND HOUSE')

Our triple room was initially meant to become an open fireplace. However, our head of construction found inspiration and kept building. Until it became a spacious, self-contained triple room, also known as the 'Round House'.  

$ 75 / 270.000 USh per night for bed & breakfast