We are proud of Mount Elgon region and offer our guests ultimate relaxation.

Excellent & Passionate Customer care

Our Guesthouse and restaurant provide excellent customer care. We love to connect with our guests - from heart to heart - and with a generous smile.

healthy environment

Home of Friends is located on a green and spacious compound with fresh air, spectacular views and singing birds. Our home-style food is tasty and healthy. The rooms are clean and neat.

Exploring cultural & natural beauty

Through our cultural tours and sports & leisure activities you get a real experience of the Mount Elgon village life. We create avenues for knowledge sharing and meaningful Community impact, with a special emphasis on sports, health and body wellness.

Our guests leave with an inspired soul, relaxed body and a bunch of unforgettable experiences!

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Home of Friends restaurant terrace

Love for our Culture

As Home of Friends we love our Sebei culture. Sebei is the name of the mountainous region on the Ugandan side of Mount Elgon. It is comprised of the districts of Kapchorwa, Kween and Bukwo. A region rich in nature and culture.  

Sadly enough, Sebei is mostly known for a cultural practice with a negative connotation: Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Its good to know that the number of girls that undergo FGM is rapidly declining, thanks to our dedicated leaders and outside partners.

Despite the negative image related to FGM, we are very proud of the positive cultural practices of Sebei such as dancing, storytelling, name giving, dressing and cooking. We believe our visitors can learn a lot from these ancient practices. That's why we engage them in activities like the Natural Cave Experience. We encourage local dance & music groups to develop new activities and perform them in original sites such as the natural cave.  

Therefore you will find videos and stories of our various activities on this website, as well as more in-depth information about the Sebei culture.