The untouched beauty of Kapchorwa's inland

The Chinese have come to construct a road from Kapchorwa to the Kenyan border. While understanding the benefits for the locals, some of our guests feel sad because of the untouched beauty of this unpaved road. We present you five major spots you must visit in Kapchorwa’s inland. Untouched beauty in its purest form.

1. Kamakunga in Kween

Kamakunga is a small village in the higher belts of Kween District (towards Mount Elgon). Last June we had the privilege to visit this village and its local music group. What followed was a spontaneous interaction and dance in a charming rural setting. With gorgeous views. Kamakunga is close to the ancestral home of Jacob Kiplimo, the junior cross country world champion of 2017.

2. Atar-Kshek waterfalls

Close to Kapchorwa town, at 1km. from the main road, the surprisingly beautiful Atar-Kshek waterfalls can be found. We often pass there for a moment of relaxation during our mountain bike tour. The place is unique because you can walk along the falls.

3. State Lodge viewpoint

Once a year president Museveni of Uganda lands with his helicopter at his State Lodge, on top of a green Kapchorwa hill. As the (Dutch) video below shows, this hill provides a 360 degrees view of Kapchorwa region: Mount Elgon forest, the home of Olympic champion Stephen Kiprotich, Kapchorwa Town and the lower plains of Karamoja. At a 10 minutes drive and 40 minutes walk from our Guesthouse.

4. Tawut waterfalls

At 7km. from Kapchorwa Town, in a hidden corner of the region, the gorgeous Tawut waterfall can be found. In terms of height and force, this waterfall can easily compete with the Sipi waterfalls. On top of the waterfall you find a variety of pretty, colorful flowers. The fall is surrounded by a cute, little village. Go here to experience the real African village and nature life!

5. Nnangata cave

Nnangata is a village in the lower Kapchorwa belts. In the 80’s and 90’s of the last century this area has suffered from insecurity, because of the Karamajong (other tribe) who would come to raid cattle. Our contact in Nnangata can tell you how families survived by hiding in a natural cave. While the bow & arrow was used before to fight the enemy, you can nowadays play this game for fun!

Do you want to discover one or more of these untouched spots? We can arrange tours to these areas by car, boda boda or mountain bike (or by foot!)

Do you know another spot of untouched beauty? Contact us!

written by Daan Oxener - tourism & sports entrepreneur, lover of Mount Elgon nature and manager of Home of Friends Guesthouse