Is it possible to hike Mount Elgon?

Yes, it is possible to hike Mount Elgon. The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) office in Mbale can arrange for you this beautiful hike. A popular starting point is the village of Budadiri on the Mbale / Sironko side of the mountain. Rosie’s Last Chance is a recommended Guesthouse to stay the night before the start of your climb. From Budadiri, shoppings for the hike can be done. An other starting point is the Kapkwai Exploration Center which offers cabins for a good night of rest.

Open doors

Note that the huts on your way to the top have ‘open doors’ so it can be become cold in the nights. The dry season of November to March is most suitable for doing this more-day hike.

Mild climate

Hiking Mount Elgon is an attractive alternative for more intense hikes in East-Africa. The climate is mild and the elevation is lower. The hike does not require special equipment or preparations.


The vegetation of Mount Elgon is a mixture of dense forest (at the lower mountain slopes), orchids, bamboo (at the altitude of 2.500m. to 3.000m.), open woodland, everlasting pink and white flowers and the moorland at an altitude of 3.500m towards the peak at 4.321m. The summit has rare Afro-montane species.

Shorter hikes from Kapkwai

Apart from the more-day hike to the summit, shorter hikes can be done around Kapkwai Exploration Center, close to Sipi and managed by the UWA rangers.

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