Eliza's passion for relaxation massage

Eliza is the passionate massage therapist offering relaxation massage at Home of Friends Guesthouse, also known as Swedish massage. In this interview I talk with her about her passion.

What was your first experience with massage?

My first experience with massage was with my mother. I was 17 years old. She had severe back pain and asked me to step with my feet on her back. She liked it because the pain reduced. I got surprised by the positive effect it had. That’s where my interest in massage started.

What are the major benefits of massage?

First of all, it helps my clients to relax. I love to interact with my clients. In this way they are more likely to open up, both physically and mentally. Caring and healing go along with each other. People feel more relaxed when you are there for them. It helps them to reduce their stress levels.

Eliza massage therapist Kapchorwa

Of recent you have been doing a course in relaxation massage. What are the major things you learned?

I know now where to start my massage. Also which muscles I should touch to make my clients relax. And very important, I also know where I should not touch, for instance on specific bones. Most people I meet have back and neck issues. I use various techniques to tackle these issues. Hereby it is very important to use the right pressure. I always ask my clients if the pressure is ok.

What do you like the most about massage?

At the end of the day, someone who suffers from stress or pain, needs to relax. Massage helps a lot in letting people relax. This will help them to become more happy in life.

What do you advise people who are receiving massage?

Feel free to ask things! I help my clients with the right position, especially if it is their first massage. Also I make sure that their bodies stay warm during the massage.

What feedback did you get so far?

Positive. Clients say I do it in a professional way.

What ambitions do you have for the future?

I want to have a special massage room. And I want to become a better therapist. I want to learn all types of massage, for example how to touch pregnant women and techniques for sport massage.

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written by Daan Oxener - tourism & sports entrepreneur and manager of Home of Friends Guesthouse