Five reasons to come to Kapchorwa for high altitude training

The last times I went to Teryet - the site for Uganda’s National High Altitude Training Center - I got disappointed by the slow progress. But end of December (2018) I got happily surprised by the activity on the ground: the athlete hostel is almost finished, the surface for the 400m. track + football field is leveled and the 3km. cross country track has undergone a positive change as well. Teryet is on the verge of becoming a paradise for runners and other (endurance) athletes. In this blog five reasons why you should come and train from Teryet, Kapchorwa.

Teryet High Altitude Training Center

1. Perfect altitude

Teryet was chosen by the Ugandan government for this ambitious project because of its perfect altitude of 2.600m. In our Guesthouse we are already receiving foreign runners who come to enjoy the advantages of training in Kapchorwa: the production of more red blood cells to aid in oxygen delivery to the muscles. In the video below Kapchorwa champion Joshua Cheptegei invites runners to come and train in his home area.

If you come to Teryet you will get a huge climax of your career (Joshua Cheptegei)

2. Stunning views

The views in Teryet are simply stunning. During bright weather the peaks of Mount Elgon appear in the South. At the other side you will see the green and organized crop fields, with the plains of Karamoja and peaks of Mount Napak and Mount Kadam to the North. Teryet has a cool mountain breeze and calm & quiet atmosphere. A perfect environment to fully focus on your training!

Views from Teryet
Mount Elgon view

3. Organic food readily available

The High Altitude Center is surrounded by green fields of cabbage, potatoes and beans. Honey is harvested from the nearby forest (Mount Elgon National Park). The region is famous for its various, local greens like ‘sakiandet’ and ‘sojet’. So on your camp in Teryet you can easily enjoy the most healthy dishes. Not to forget ‘posho’: the real runners meal deal!

Tip! In our Home of Friends restaurant we serve runners with the best local dishes, but also pasta and more internationally known vegetables.

Teryet High Altitude Training Center
Runners Kapchorwa

4. Great hospitality

My first time in Kapchorwa (August 2014) I made a hike to Teryet. It was a rainy day. In different homes along the way we were invited for shelter and some chapati and African tea. The same happened at the ancestral home of Joshua Cheptegei in Kwoti, nearby Teryet. The friendliness, warmth and hospitality of this visit has never left my heart. So if you come to Kapchorwa, be ready to interact with the local athletes. You may end up with friendships for life!

Kwoti Joshua Cheptegei.jpg

5. Hundreds of motivated runners to train with

Hundreds of young runners from Kapchorwa and neighboring Kween & Bukwo District try their luck these days, aiming at world fame in the big road races and global marathons. These runners feel honored and motivated if you join them for training. Inspire and get inspired in Kapchorwa - Teryet!

Joshua Cheptegei in Teryet.jpg

Interested to come and train in Kapchorwa? Go to the Runners Experience page of our close partner From Coach to Coach to learn more about packages and prices.

written by Daan Oxener - tourism & sports entrepreneur and manager of Home of Friends Guesthouse

Teryet international runners Mads