Is the Kapchorwa – Suam road tarmacked?

Adventurous boda experience

Several times I went on a boda experience to the Suam border to extend my visa. An adventurous experience for various reasons. First of all, the boda ride of 90km. can take up to 4 hours, especially in rainy season. A bumpy and blue butt experience! However, the stunning views and cute villages compensate a lot. Simply a spectacular ride! Like other motor bikers, I experienced some interesting moments at the Suam border crossing during the visa extension process. Unfortunately for our motor bikers, these adventures will partly disappear with the tarmacking of the Kapchorwa - Suam road.

Road construction kicked off in 2018

In the summer of 2018, the Chinese have started leveling the Kapchorwa – Suam road. Check out this video for the groundbreaking ceremony in August 2018.

Knowing the rocky terrain, that must be a hell of a job! Expectation is that it will take a few more years for the road to be tarmacked.

The tarmacking of the Kapchorwa - Suam road is done by the Chinese States Construction Engineering Company, under a loan of the African Development Bank, and costs approximately $105.76m.

Range of opportunities

This development will open up a whole area of natural beauty: the districts of Kween and Bukwo are rich in waterfalls, caves, viewpoints and hot springs.

For the Community the tarmacked road will have a great social and economic impact. The Kapchorwa-Suam connection will boost trade between Kenya and Uganda. It will be much easier for farmers to transport their cash crops without getting spoiled on the way. The regional hospital will be more easily reached by pregnant mothers. And the road will reduce the travel time Uganda - Eldoret with approximately 2 hours. So a visit to a Kalenjin family member or friend comes within reach.

Join us on an exploration tour?

At Home of Friends we are excited about the new road. It will open up opportunities to explore the stunningly beautiful inland of Kween and Bukwo. Do you want to join us on an exploration tour? Leave a comment!