How many waterfalls does Mount Elgon have?

Mount Elgon is home to numerous waterfalls. Most streams go underground (90%). The most famous waterfalls can be found in Sipi. The main waterfall, just down the road near Noah’s Ark Hotel, is a 100 meters high. Abseiling can be done from here. The second Sipi fall is part of the property of Sipi River Lodge. On top of this second waterfall there’s a small natural swimming pool. The third fall, called Ngasire, has a 87 meters high ridge. Other falls on this side of the mountain can be found Sisye, Bulago, Chebonet and Wanale.

What most people don’t know is that Kapchorwa and Kween are home to many beautiful waterfalls as well. It is the land of untouched beauty. One of the upcoming long-distance runners, Jacob Kiplimo, was born and raised nearby a few incredibly beautiful falls.

Other falls include:


Just off the main road from Kapchorwa to Kween District. Hidden behind a small forest. Enjoyable because you can just walk aside of the falls.



From Kapchorwa Town, 7km. down. Change in vegetation. Views over the Karamoja lowlands. On top of the fall you can swim, or just walk aside of the stream.


From Home of Friends Guesthouse we organize hikes, mountain bike rides and boda tours on which you visit these falls. Places of untouched beauty!

In the future we are going to explore more places in Kween and Bukwo District and expect to present you more waterfalls!